Finally after a continuous practice sessions set by @Mumshad Mannambeth and @At . . .

Finally after a continuous practice sessions set by @Mumshad Mannambeth and @Ather Tahir team i cracked my CKA certification with good score.
Big Thank you to @Mumshad Mannambeth and Team to helped virtually … I gave 200% rating to training and labs provided …

I say the course is designed to learner who step in as fresher and then by end he will come out as master …
I would suggest practice labs as many times as we can before attempting the exam by set the timer next to you and try to do as quick as possible because entire exam you know all questions but really hard point was how you manage them within 2 hrs time…If we stick with one question for 10 min.s then we end up with no time…

As per Oath we are not allowed to share what and all covered in exam but we can share our experience about questions…
During exam don’t jump from Q1 straight away , just go all questions in first 5-10min.s and see how they set weight… couple of questions have same weight with other questions but one will take 15-20min.s to crack the answer and other question will take just 5 min.s …So rather than realize at end we run out of exam , just prepare in first 5-10 min.s and kick out questions… There is no interrelation between questions.

@Ravi Congratulations

Mayur Sharma:
@Ravi Congratulations!

srikanth arani:
Congratulations @Ravi
by practice labs you mean all practice labs, or just lightening land and mock tests?

Hinodeya learn:
You have to pratice more the lab when you have some miss understanding @srikanth arani and if you have a great score to MOCK and lighting it’s better

Hinodeya learn:
Hard topics in my point of view concern network Policy and Ingress Egress :wink: it’s just my opinion :wink:

Hinodeya learn:
and don’t forget during the exam you’won’t have any access to forum of kubernetes

@srikanth arani Practice labs mean… In Exam you know the procedure but to prepare the full length command/manifest file will require time… Unless you are practice more and more time on labs (all i mean) commands not in handy. In my first attempt i keep searching in| site for all things… but find small part from 10 pages took time… Most of time i relay on command way because manifest files copy from sites to linux editor some where indentation error and all the way go back to edit via vi and modify the line to right position will kill your time.