Failure in Jenkins Create Views Tasks


i did the named Task today and receive Fail even as i did the jobs mentioned in:

How can it be marked failed then?

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Thats the Fail-Message:

‘xfusion-crons’ view doesn’t exit or job ‘xfusion-pipeline-job’ is not listed under it

As you see in Screenshot thats wrong,i did what was asked for

hi @martin, please put in the review.

I didnt ask for Review as the Webactions are not recorded so doesnt make sense. Thats the worse thing with all the Jenkins Tasks and i already raised my concerns on that to @mmumshad. Learning Jenkins is nice but the amount of Tasks only on Jenkins as Sr.Devops Engineer are insane, its just one topic with to much weight and personally frustrate me

@martin, if you think your solution was correct but the task is marked failed then you should record the video as recommended for Jenkins scenarios.

I made the screenshot how my work was done along with the Fail Message i got, from my point of View the Failure Result is not valid, you can see that the Actions requested where done, i proofed it with the Screenshot

Arrgghhh just get the next Jenkins Task assigned bite in my Desk

@KodeKloud can you please have a look into this, i believe its a validation error