Failed firewalld task

My failed task details dashboard says something like this.

I think i did everything right.
following is the command that I fired on the backup server and received success response as well
firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=8081/tcp

So I am not sure and wondering what might have possibly went wrong.

Any kind of help/reply would be much appreciated
Thanks in Advance


Thanks for reporting this. Possibly the task was done on some wrong server if it failed eventually. Please proceed with the next tasks assigned to you. You might be assigned this task again in future :slight_smile:


Hello Inderpreet

Thank you for replying…
But I am pretty sure that I executed it on the right server.
If i recall it properly one thing that forgot to do is I did not restart the firewalld the end
Could it be the reason my task failed?


You got it :slight_smile:

Since you added the rule with --permanent option so you should have restarted/reloaded firewalld service to take that in effect.

However as much I remember in question it is not asked to add that rule permanently so you should have added the rule without --permanent option and in that case you need not to restart/reload the service.

I hope this is clear now.