Failed crontab task

Hi, I’ve set the cron job for root user only still it failed.
Please check and verify.

Hi Asutosh ,

After enable crond you have to add cron job with the command crontab -e then an vi editor will be opening then paste the task with the 5 * s in the editor and save it . after taht check the crontab list.task will be completed

Hi Sudheer,
I’ve done exactly the same you’ve written here!

@Ashu27 and did you restart the crond service and check after 5 minute if the “hello” word is echoed to the specified file?

cat /tmp/cron_text

I’ve restarted the service too.

sudo systemctl restart crond

*cron /5 * * * * echo hello > /tmp/cron_text copy and paste it into editor


I’ve done exactly the same.
I haven’t written it manually. I’ve copied and pasted.

steps I have done

SSH in app01
install cronie

start the crond service

add the crontab

crontab -e

these are the steps done by me
i completed the task sucessfully

What I have done is–

ssh in app01

sudo yum install cronie -y

crontab -u root -e

#Added the cron job

crontab -u root -l

#The job was listed

sudo systemctl restart crond

sudo systemctl status crond