Facing Issue with Ansible in local env

The CentOS Template crashes when I start it


The VDI file is as above . The whole thing crashes and I am not able to log on , as it crashes.

Can you please help

It did the same as was advised in Demo: Setup Ansible Local Environment - Using VirtualBox

virtualization technology is enabled?

But I haven’t seen VDI is available for this centos image version 8.2.2004


Using This still it crashes

CentOS 7-1708 is not on the OSBoxes site , which is used in the Demo

I am not saying use that image which is mentioned in the video.
You can try this one.

I mentioned the same image. Are you getting any warnings while crashing?

Have you updated your virtual box?

this is the same I am using but still crashes . I am on the latest version of VirtualBox on mac

No Warnings while crashing

Kindly check the discussion which will be useful: