Experience point not updated

Task : Linux User Expiry
Account Name : Mainak Biswas
Current Experience : 4340
Any support person, please help . Thanks .

@Inderpreet any help ?

@Inderpreet @rahul456 @player001

I’m experiencing the same issue. The points from my last task weren’t added to my experience points. Kindly look into this and rectify please.

Thank you!

Its happening since yesterday… The Task or Review points are not adding to my total…

Hello, @mainakmb
Thanks for reporting. KKE Team is looking into it.

Sorry about that. We are looking into this now.

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Thanks for the update @mmumshad .

Hi, i noticed the same for me. it even reduce the experience.

OMG , my experience points become 3950, please look into negative experience.

Updated? I got bumped from 3rd place to 10th. What an experience, I spend more time with screenshots and counting points (24620) than researching the actual tasks. :-1:

Thanks for Acknowledging us . Really appreciate your work .