Experience is randomly changing

Dear KodeKloud team,

I notice the experience to be changing and therefore affecting the leader board ranking. What is happening? Is there any issue? :worried:


Hi @Inderpreet KodeKloud team I am also observing the same issue. Suddenly my points from 4500/Rank 33 (yesterday) is changed 5870/Rank 52. Any change done in algorithm.


I’ve got a mail from KodeKloud team for recent changes/updates.
As per mail:

" We just pushed out some updates to the KodeKloud Engineer programme. And I wanted to update you regarding the same.

  • Location Details: In an effort to connect you with recruiters based on location, we would like you to update your country of residence in your profile, under your Account page. This will be displayed in the Leaderboard next to your name.
  • LinkedIn Profile Link: You may also update a link to your LinkedIn profile. This will help others connect with you directly.
  • Total Experience Calculation: We have made some updates to calculating total experience. We now award some bonus points based on the efficiency of the solution as well. So you might see some changes in experience points. This is subject to change in the future .

Updates we are working on

We are working on some interesting updates to our platform.

  • Role Promotions: Many of you have been really great at completing given tasks. Once you gain sufficient experience you will be promoted to next role, where you will get advanced tasks. We will be introducing DevOps roles and tasks soon. So keep at it and work on gaining sufficient experience. You will hear more from us about this soon.
  • Connect with Recruiters: We are also actively working to identify top recruiters who are willing to hire professionals from our platform. This is why we requested you to update country and LinkedIn profile on our platform.


I’ve just seen the update email. Great work KodeKoud team. So I think the ranks have been affected by the bonus points that have been given “based on the efficiency of the solutions”!!! as indicated in the email. For some users, it might have pushed them up the ranking and do the vice versa for others. As for me, I was in 13th place but after these changes, I fell to 19th.

Thanks I also got mail from Mumshad Mannambeth with all the above details.

Thank you KodeKloud team for all your work & providing us such a great platform.