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How to solve this problem?

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This problem also

For the First question, you can use /80 to search for line containing 80
Then press “i” to go to insert mode and then change 80 to 5000.
click on esc button and then wq! to save and quit.

For the second question highlight the cursor to the line say, 2nd line using the arrow keys and then press yy to copy and then move the cursor to fisrt line and then press p to paste.
you can delete the copied line using dd.

Command mode is clearly explained in the Vi Editor lecture.

Press “u” for undo if you pasted multiple times.

Thanks. Tasks completed

How to solve that task?

How to know which script will run after the app service?

How to know which script will run before the app service?

Hello, @Prem
As I saw in the question 7, to identify in which location app service is located or created.
Location is /usr/lib/systemd/system
By command
systemctl cat app.service
But according to question, you need to know the location so it should be “/usr/lib/systemd/system”.
a.) Which script will run before the app service starts – ExecStartPre
b.) Which script will run after the app service starts – ExecStartPost
Hope it will help you to identify your issues.

Okay thanks.

I am facing some issue in installing CentOs VM in my laptop. My host OS is windows. I installed Oracle virtual box. I downloaded the .iso file also. But my installation is not getting done. The error is coming like, Media check is complete, Result is FAIL. please help me out. I am trying this since 2days. Its not happening. See the error in the screenshot attached. I attached 3 screenshots after I select CentOS and click on START

Can anyone help me out to set up my CentOs VM as i was getting error message as shown in the screenshot attached

Have you tried to reinstall and again install ? Download again the .iso file.

Please help me out to complete this task which is shown in the unloaded screenshot

. I tried. It’s not getting done.

Can you please identify which labs it is? You can follow hint options to complete this task.

Hi… Can anyone help me out to solve this question?

anyone out there to clarify my doubts? I am posting all my doubts but no one is responding. I am waiting for someone who will clarify my doubts

Please help me complete this task.
I tried, but the documentation is getting generated. its showing 1 error. Please check the error message in the screenshot

Hello, @Prem
Can you please tell me which lab it is?