Executable Permission for file incorrect

What went wrong? pls help. I have to give executable permission to a script file and for every user.

Could you clarify the question more as I see you gave executable permission to the root user and it works fine?

Also if the question is related to a lab, please tell me the lab title.

Hi @Anto 

You  gave "executable"  permission to /tmp/xfusioncorp.sh :   Ok


Your  script is  executable by  'root'  user ONLY.

It's not what was expected in the task :

<< .. Also make sure EVERY user can execute it ...>>

Then , we have to add  READ & EXECUTE permission to allow
EVERY user to execute it...

chmod 555 /tmp/xfusioncorp.sh


chmod +rx  /tmp/xfusioncorp.sh

Good Luck !

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Thank you Samer, yes I corrected my script and finished it already.

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