Etcd basic query


this is my first day at kodekloud, so appologies if I am asking question at wrong place.

I was attending Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on, where it says etcd stores all that
information on all the nodes in the cluster in a distributed manner. So does that mean the database of etc store on all worker and master nodes? What if a node goes down?


Hi 06ashishrawat,

Etcd stores a critical data for Kubernetes. By means of distributed, it also maintains a copy of data stores across all clusters on distributed machines/servers. This copy is identical for all data stores and maintains the same data from all other etcd data stores. If one copy get destroys, the other two hold the same information.

Etcd is implementation is architected in such a way to enable high availability in Kubernetes.

  • Etcd can be deployed as pods in master nodes

  • It can also be deployed externally to enable resiliency and security

I hope this clarifies.

Yes, now I got it. Thank you very much for detailed description.