Error message for python-pip when building image

when I try building an image from the Dockerfile for the python webapp, I get the following error message
E: Unable to locate package python-pip

@Joe1, I have checked and could see that the image is getting build. Did you make any changes in the Dockerfile?

Your Python code needs some aggregation, and you’ve discovered that multi-stage constructs are the method for getting more modest Docker pictures. Be that as it may, how precisely do multi-stage pictures work, overall and for Python? How might you execute them by and by?

In this article you’ll learn:

The fundamentals of how multi-stage constructs work, and how Python makes them somewhat harder.
Tackling the issue with pip introduce - - client.
A virtualenv-based arrangement.
A few extra arrangements: building wheels, pex, and platter.
Multi-stage Docker constructs
As I canvassed in more detail somewhere else, introducing a compiler in one piece of the Docker document makes the subsequent picture a lot bigger. Assuming you need more modest pictures, the best arrangement is normally a multi-stage Docker assemble.

The easiest case is a compiler picture and a runtime picture: the compiler picture gathers the code, and the runtime picture duplicates the subsequent curio over. The runtime picture never incorporates the compiler layer, and can accordingly be more modest in size.

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