Error - Capacity reached. Please upgrade your account

Error - Capacity reached. Please upgrade your account

Hi @mmumshad @Inderpreet @player001

I’ve tagged you in one of the post relating to this issue, but I just wanted to create a separate topic, since the first topic was for a Kubernetes lab by some other member.

I kept having this error when I try to start my current lab - Apache Troubleshooting
So far, I’ve only see two related topics here in the community and I saw that this was relatively new and may be caused by an update recently.
Any estimate timeline of when this can be resolved?

Thank you so much, guys!


PS - I’m 900 points short from 25000 , this is the reason why I’m excited to finish this task. :smiley:

Hello, @Joseeden
Sorry for this inconvenience. We already know about this issue and working with katacoda to fixing this issue. We will update you shortly.

I tried doing the lab now and it’s all good. I even restarted around three times and I didn’t get the error anymore - also able to finish it successfully.


@player001 @Inderpreet @mmumshad

This is very common and recurring issue, can @KodeKloud can work this actively. I do frequently get this and not able to run the labs consistently. Most of the time labs taking 10 minute to start.

Hello, @dengalebr
Please reload the lab if it’s taking more than 5min. In a past week, having such kind of issues in the katacoda backend. It’s fixed now. Please try again.