Duplicated task even thought tasks are still available

Got today duplicated task from DevOps: Git Merge Branches, even though there are still some DevOps tasks I did not have, so far:
Kubernetes Redis Deployment 800
Kubernetes Troubleshooting 1000
Deploy MySQL on Kubernetes 1200
Please kindly check algorithm and assign me firstly tasks I did not have so far before duplicated once.
Additionally I think that duplicated task difficulty should depend on the current user rank. It makes no sense to get task for 300 points when there are much more challenging tasks available.
Especially random assignments could do a lot of harm with user rank depending on luck.
Thanks in advance,

Can you check this, please? IT looks like there are other devops tasks available and I am getting duplicated one.

Jo guys ! Gentle reminder . Did I really finished all tasks defined in the system at least once ?