Doubt in question No. 7 in Fork lab of Git tutorial

Hi Team,

In question number 7 of the ‘Fork Lab’ of ‘Git for Beginners Course’, it is asked to push the changes to the master branch of the forked repo which was forked by Jon.

While I was pushing the change, instead of using ‘origin’ as provided in the hint, I used the URL of the forked repo. It was a successful push & I verified in the Gitea UI. see below:

git push master

However when I clicked on ‘Check’ it threw an error that the push was not done.

Later I again pushed with ‘origin’ in place of the URL of the forked repo. This time it was success on clicking the ‘Check’ button. see below

git push origin master

Am I missing something or this corner scenario was not checked ?

Also will both the forked repo & the original repo be known by the name ‘origin’ ?

@HerrSubset Could you please help me in this ? :slightly_smiling_face:

No, only the repo you cloned is called origin (unless you change that ofc).

No idea, seems like it has to do with how KodeKloud validates the result so can’t help with that.

Thanks a ton for your quick detailed response.

@KodeKloud Could you please update on the issue that I am facing ?

Great @HerrSubset !

Okay. So I would assume that KodeKloud validates it that way as mentioned by @HerrSubset .

@KodeKloud, I think @avik.dey still needs help with this.