Docker Swarm : Docker Cloud module

hi @mmumshad Sir ,

This is an amazing course I have came across so far. The best part of this course is animation , speed of training which is low and periodic labs which gives confidence in what we are learning.

In course Dcoker Swarm there is a module nicely explained by you which is Docker cloud .

As there is no lab for this module I simply tried to follow your instructions but it seems there are lot of changes from docker website which are not making sense for a beginner like me .

when I visit this page looks like no more exists and it redirects to

The UI of this page is altogether different than what was taught in the docker cloud module and hence I can not find anything what I learned from your module on this page to practise these exercises.

This page only gives an option to download and install “docker desktop” for ( mac or Windows ) and then explore things using docker desktop .

Not sure wether docker desktop is providing exactly same capabilities of docker cloud or I am missing anything ?

Each and everything that you are teaching we are eager to practise. Can you please help by guiding or may be updating docker cloud video how to practise docker cloud or docker desktop .

with best regards
Pradeep Nehe

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I am also facing the same issue

Same issue. Not able to find the correct URL as mentioned in the course. It is strange that even the suppport team is not chiming in too. Any help is appreciated.


Hello, @sgundapu
What kind of issue you are having?