Docker EXEC operations

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3 In this task, i first installed apache2 using apt then during installation it asked me where to install it (Country and region)and after installation , systemctl command is not supported. Vi is also not supported.

Hello, @pratikshag
You can take help of sed command to change the port number in the file.

Hi, I am solving this task currently, and I have my doubts as the question asks to install apache2 within the docker container. and configure the port to 8082 which should not bind any specific IP or hostname only but should allow other such as localhost, or container ip etc etc. I have done this sofar:

docker exec it kkloud /bin/sh
apt install apache2 -y
cd /etc/apache2
sed -i ‘s/Listen 80/Listen 8082/g’ ports.conf
sed -i ‘s/:80/:8082/g’ 000-default.conf
sed -i ‘s/#ServerName localhost/g’ 000-default.conf

are the above steps fine for this task? Please kindly reply.