Do you typically end up using the GitHub <|documen . . .

Navish Bahl:
Do you typically end up using the GitHub|documentation in the exam? I have not seen it being used in the lightning labs or mock exams. May be 1 lab where we deployed the Kubernetes metrics server but that’s it.

Nope. K8s docs are enough.

Rahul B:
K8s docs are good. I used it for PV & PVC only . Rest depends on your practice & choice . Some people use it and some people do not open K8s at all during the exam. Your choice whatever you have used during practice

Navish Bahl:
Thank you both.

@Rahul-can we access to entire| ?

Fernando Jimenez:

use their Chrome or Chromium browser to open one additional tab in order to access assets at: <>, <>,  <> and their subdomains. This includes all available language translations of these pages (e.g. <>)

Rahul B:
@PR Better make the bookmarks as it will save time . Also you can find many great bookmarks on google for CKAD . I used the one from google and it was perfect