Do we have any documentation on <|> to create n . . .

Mayank Agrawal:
Do we have any documentation on| to create nginx-controller. Are we expected to create nginx-controller in CKA ?

Mohamed Ayman:
It will a part of ur question. Also, you can use this link in ur exam|

ravi shankar:
Ingress-controller is like a deployment with a special version of nginx to be used. Please have a look at the below snapshot.

ravi shankar:
And in the CKA exam atleast I wasn’t needed to create an ingress controller, but better to know how to do that still.

Its better to have a knowledge so that you can troubleshoot easily

Mayank Agrawal:
Thankyou everyone, yes we have documentation and very good explanation by Mumshad. My only concern was that if asked to setup Ingress-controller in exam seems we do not have any documentation available on| Yes its good to have knowledge how to set this up.

Thanks again for quick response.