DNS troubleshooting Validation Error

Please check this

@operatorlvl1, can you please share your KKE user name ?

My username should be operatorlvl1, just changed it

@operatorlvl1, you need to add the following in /etc/resolv.conf


please refer this for better understanding https://www.ricmedia.com/set-permanent-dns-nameservers-ubuntu-debian-resolv-conf/

I agree that your solution is right, but my solution should also be right. In the task it specifies “we want to add some additional DNS nameservers on this server.” And that is what I did, I added an additional nameserver from Google. I hope we can agree that Google’s DNS is the last thing to fail :). Correct formulation of the task would then be change nameservers to Google’s DNS not add additional.

@operatorlvl1, soory for the issue, this is makred success for you.

we ll make some changes in the question.

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