Disable Root Login - Task Failed

Hello @Inderpreet I completed my task to disable root login, but not sure what did I do wrong.


Hi Irfan! Have you asked for review? Please click on Review button if you haven’t done so.

Hello Lakshmi, the task was assigned before the review feature was introduced. The review button is not available.

Oh ok. Any screenshots?

I have only one snap of task result.

@irfan.salam, you update PermitRootLogin no but you left it commented so this change will never be considered by the config.

Screenshot 2020-10-11 at 3.31.31 PM

Thanks for identifying issue. I guess I failed to spot that # sign in a hurry. Is there any chance this can reassigned ?

@irfan.salam, you will be re-assigned failed/expired tasks in near future.