Disable root login on all app servers - failed

Hi Team,

I have disabled root login in /etc/passwd file. Please find attached image.
Is this not sufficient?

You must manipulate the sshd_config file to do this so the root user can’t connect

Thanks Buddy, got it.

PermitRootLogin no

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i did the same /sbin/nologin on all three app machines, but is shows task failed on app2 and app3 machine only (which means it succeded on app1) why is that?

Hi @DedeepyaDesineni

You need to make required changes in sshd_config file. changing shell to /sbin/nologin is incorrect as per requirements asked in the question.

For App 1 since you changed the root password itself which is bad to do since its not asked in the question so validation didn’t work for it at all.