DevSlop Game Day 2021

Is anyone registering TODAY?
DevSlop Game Day 2021 (Kubernetes) (

Does anyone from Kode Kloud want to team up with me?

I think I need a team of 4, but I’m surprised that Kode Kloud is a sponsor but no advertisement on this event. Anyhow, if you’re doing the K8s course like me maybe register and we can team up.


@mmumshad @KodeKloud

I went through the site. it mentions KodeKloud as a sponsor. But yes as you said didn’t see any notification within KodeKloud about it.

@andrewn2021 Hoping to register before that let me go through the details about it.

Hi Andy,

i am interested in teaming up with you . Count me in . I am registering in the DevSlop Game . Can you share me the team name or you want me to create one .

I created a team named TigerTeam if anyone wants to join . Only 4 members can be part of the team .

@mihsan and @andrewn2021

Would you like to join this Team so we can make a team . If anyone else like to join are welcome. TigerTeam

Hi Andy,

How was your experience with DevSLop ! . we had a gr8 time learning .