DevOps Architect Role

Hi KodeKloud Engineers,

We are in the process of adding the DevOps Architects Role to KodeKloud Engineer. We are in the ideation phase, so your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Who will be promoted to DevOps Architects?
Engineers who reach 100K points will be promoted to the DevOps Architect Role.

What will DevOps Architects do?
They are supposed to design DevOps projects and solve complex troubleshooting scenarios. However at this stage, we are still working on adding more DevOps tasks to the platform including Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Jenkins, CI/CD Pipelines, and we are also exploring options for adding Cloud Computing tasks sometime in the future. As such tasks for the Architect Role are planned after these are finished. So hopefully early next year.

In the meanwhile, DevOps Architects would continue to get any new DevOps tasks we release on the platform. However no more of old repeated tasks ( I am guessing you don’t want to do the same tasks over and over forever). We will also respect the engineer’s lead while the tasks are assigned. Meaning the first person to be promoted to DevOps Architect will get the first new task. The second engineer promoted will have to wait the same days as the first engineer did before getting his first task and so on.

We are also launching a Task Review feature that will allow engineers to request a review on a failed task and other users to review the work and suggest feedback and attempt again. More on this coming soon.

That’s all for now. Thanks for being part of this community. And your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.



Fantastic! This is a very much welcome development. Looks like I’m going to be hanging around here for much longer. Thank you.

Very good news ! I like the idea that people will wait the same amount of days before getting architect tasks. It was very strange when I got DevOps role that suddenly all people started getting devops tasks even being sysadmins. This leaded to situation when some of the people have more devops tasks then me even though I have the biggest number of completed tasks. Move in right direction !
Any idea why my rank is not updated to architect role ?

Come on @andrzej, you don’t want to be #1 forever :slight_smile:

Excellent!!! Wondering , how about flavoring DevOpsArch with some Security related , for example Create/Review/Manage Security Guardrails . Since there are jobs of DevSecOps and the role DevOps is merging to DevSecOps,think, soon, there will be a openings for Dev(Sec)OpsArchitect as well.

Hope this helps.



Just thought the same!

@mmumshad: Can you change title for us to Architect, please ? We are still DevOps even thouh we have more than 100k points.

Great news and also for hands on experience with Kubernetes, Jenkins, CI/CD pipelines.

Hello @mmumshad
With all respect, I think this approach to solving the delay will be messy and generate a lot of confusion by adding another variable “days to wait” to the table.

Wouldn’t it be easier to round out the points that the leader has at the moment of launching the Architect Role and set that amount of points as the requirement to become a DevOps Architect?

For example, if the leader has 138400 points when the Architect Role is ready, then set 140000 as the requirement to become a DevOps Architect.

What do you think?

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion guys.

We will be rolling out the new role in a week or two. Meanwhile, we had added many more Kubernetes based scenarios. So those should keep you busy for a while.

I agree it would be a good idea to take the current leaders’ points as base for the Architect role. So we are thinking to move it up to 125K points, instead of 100K as we mentioned earlier.

However, the Architect level tasks would be rolled out later and when they are made available the delay may be necessary.

We are also keen on exploring DevSecOps related tasks. Hopefully, we will have them sometime in the future.


Hi Mumshad,

Appreciate the way this platform is being developer. very happy and excited for jenkins and cicd pipelines tasks. Wouldn’t it be great to include a course on that too so we are able to do them as many of them dont have experience despite having the interest and passion to do.


I agree with @pathan.p19

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