Details Required Nautilus storage server


Can you help me find the Nautilus storage server access credentials, to work on the task?

Dhinesh Kumar

I just saw this

On Nautilus storage server in Stratos DC there is a storage location /data which is used by different developers to keep their data (no confidential data). One of the developer john has raised a ticket and asked for a copy of his/her data present in /data/john directory on storage server. /home is an FTP location on storage server from where developers can download their data. Below are the instructions shared by system admin team to accomplish the task:

a. Make a john.tar.gz compressed archive of /data/john directory and move the archive to /home directory on storage server.

For the above task, I should use this below server and credentials right ?
ststor01 natasha Bl@kW Stork DC Storage Filer

It is not working for me.


Check below wiki

Hi! Try:
thor@jumphost# ssh natasha@ststor01
Prompts for Password: Bl@kW