Deploy Tomcat App on Kubernetes - Description Error

Hello KodeKloud Team:

Task “Deploy Tomcat App on Kubernetes” failed with message:

deployment for tomcat app is not named as 'tomcat-deployment-devops' under namespace 'tomcat-namespace-devops'

Task description never tells the deployment must be in that namespace.

One DevOps Architect and two Sr. DevOps Engineers from our community confirm that it is a description error as you can se here:!/task_review?task_id=5fa96f2f9d5c24604edd2e66

Please, double check at your side.

@Inderpreet @mmumshad @rahul456 @player001 @KodeKloud

It would be nice to have an answer on this topic because time is running against me.

hi @andrescaroc, this is marked pending for you.

thank you @rahul456 now the description is clear against validation and I succeeded with the task.

As this is the task from yesterday, can you help me to get the task that should be for today?