Deploy Nginx and Phpfpm on Kubernetes Deployment

In this assignment, I was tasked to create these especially service and a pod.
Is it a pod or deployment the assignment wants to deploy?

  1. Create a service to expose this app, the service type must be NodePort, nodePort should be 30012.

2.) Create a config map nginx-config for nginx.conf as we want to add some custom settings for nginx.conf.

a) Change default port 80 to 8096 in nginx.conf.

b) Change default document root /usr/share/nginx to /var/www/html in nginx.conf.

c) Update directory index to index index.html index.htm index.php in nginx.conf.

3.) Create a pod named nginx-phpfpm .

b) Create a shared volume shared-files that will be used by both containers (nginx and phpfpm) also it should be a emptyDir volume.

c) Map the ConfigMap we declared above as a volume for nginx container. Name the volume as nginx-config-volume, mount path should be /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and subPath should be nginx.conf

d) Nginx container should be named as nginx-container and it should use nginx:latest image. PhpFPM container should be named as php-fpm-container and it should use php:7.0-fpm image.

check your config map nginx-config, in that you need to make changes correctly

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Add labels with the pod and also connect service using the same level of pod. You can check this sample pod and services Yaml with same scenario.