Deploy Lemp Stack on Kubernetes Cluster - Validation Error

Hello KodeKloud team,

I want to report another task failed due validation error:


Task Description:

Task Status:

As you can see, none of the variables was hard coded, it was inserted through a configMap.

The wordpress application was running through the LoadBalancer in both servers, please see the address in each image:

Please double check at your side @Inderpreet
Thank you

@Narendra096, Hey it seems your issue also similar to this one. Can you have a look?

I also referenced the environment variables using getenv(’’) method . But i got this error
’Mysql database must not be hardcoded in 'wp-config.php’
The site also seemed to be working fine. Now I don’t know how to approach this task.
Any kind of suggestion is appreciated.
@Inderpreet @rahul456 @KodeKloud Plz do look into this and let me know where I went wrong.

@Narendra096 My error is the same as you can see in my first post. Clearly this is a validation error.

@andrescaroc It seems so.

@andrescaroc, sorry for the issue, this is marked success for you.

@Narendra096, can you please share your KKE user details ?

@rahul456 email: Name: narender kumar
Let me know if you need any other details. Thanks in advance.

@rahul456 Thank you. Could you help me assign the task for October 30?, because the system did not assign a task automatically

After deploying both the frontend and backend and making changes in wp-config.php file, when I try to access the wordpress website it’s displaying php code in the browser.

I really don’t know what am I doing wrong.

@Nautilus, your php is not configured correctly to work with nginx.

I think I came across another validation error:

It is as follows:

Changes that I implemented:


At the end site was also working fine:

@rahul456 @Inderpreet @KodeKloud Please do look into this matter and let me know if I made any mistake. Thanks

@Inderpreet @rahul456 I would really appreciate if you could resolve this issue a bit faster. Thanks.

Since I gave this task for the review. After consulting with our fellow kodekloud engineers ,I gave this another try with no change in the yaml file whatsoever. This time around it was a success. Please do look into this matter as half of the points have been unfairly deducted. @rahul456 @Inderpreet

Hi @Inderpreet @rahul456, I have failed this task with validation message saying “Something is wrong in ‘MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD’ or ‘MYSQL_DATABASE’ or ‘MYSQL_USER’ or ‘MYSQL_PASSWORD’ in secretKeyRef key value” . And yet with these same secrets I was able to access the WordPress website. I need to know what’s exactly is the issue?


Below is how the environment variables were defined and it can’t find anything wrong.

This is how the webisite is seen at the end!!

@Salim Since you are getting the WP installation page so definitely something is wrong with your database, either you missed to import the DB dump or something since after setting up everything you should get the pre-built web page (like you can see in other screen shots).

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Thanks @Inderpreet, I was able to resolve resolve the issue.