Deploy Jenkins on Kubernetes marked as failed

After having completed the task of deploying Jenkins in Kubernetes, the task was marked as failed. Here the details of the fail: “Container image is not ‘jenkins’”. The image I used to complete the task: “jenkins/jenkins:lts”. I think the image should be considered as valid. What do you think?

@danielsda, you should strictly follow the instructions given in the question, so if any specific image is mentioned to use then you need to make sure you are using the same.

I am very strict when following instructions. In fact the first thing I did it was to check the official available images in According to the official web site either “jenkins/jenkins:lts” or “jenkins/jenkins” are valid. The task only asks to use a jenkins image generally speaking. It does not specify to use a specific jenkins image.

@danielsda, this is marked as success for you.

Thank you very much for your reactivity and your understanding.

Hi @danielsda
This is also valid, when no tag is specify it takes latest available

  - name: jenkins-container
    image: jenkins