Deploy Haproxy App on Kubernetes

The description of this task gave me some doubts:

Screenshot from 2020-10-30 12-48-24

The step 7 says to set args with -- default-backend-service=haproxy-controller/ingress-default-backend. First, the text has a space after --, which I think is wrong. Second, it refers to namespace haproxy-controller, not haproxy-controller-nautilus, and service ingress-default-backend, not service-backend-nautilus, which will make the haproxy respond with a 503. Third, the livenessProbe port is set to 1042, but it is set to 1024 on ports.

If I do as the description says, will the task fail?

hi @francilio, thanks for reporting, we have updated the description.

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I did this challenge today and the description still had the wrong port for liveness probe. Since I used the correct port (not the one in the description), I failed. Even the space between “–” and “default-backend-service” was still there, which took me a while to figure out because a space is legit if you generate your skeleton manifest with kubectl create deployment -o yaml --dry-run=client NAME ... -- MORE_ARGS

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I have the exact same concerns as @Schollii related to the discrepancy in the instructions for this task.

  • Discrepancy on the containerPort 1024 and livenessProbe 1042
  • The space between “–” and “default-backend-service”

I have already failed this task twice. I will attempt a 3rd time now correcting the ports and see what the result is… I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks to @Sathish Puranika K to indicate me about the discrepancy with the ports.


I keep failing this task.

Task Status - Failed

livenessProbes httpGet port for frontend deployment is not ‘1042’ under namespace ‘haproxy-controller-datacenter’

I indeed aligned the port to be 1024 and additionally to that validation error on the task, my deployment does not start…


Please help as I cannot seem to be allowed to move on to new task until this one is completed.

@gustavos86, this is marked pending for you, please give it an another try.

Thanks @rahul456
I just attempted the lab again but I failed the task.

Task Status - Failed

livenessProbes httpGet port for frontend deployment is not ‘1024’ under namespace ‘haproxy-controller-xfusion’

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or we are still facing validation issues with the lab.

Help would be appreciated.

Just a note that eventhough the port in the Description is incorrect, you have to use that port. This means the liveness probe will eventually fail (I think the default is 30 sec) and pod will get restarted automatically, ad infinitum. After you press submit, the checker does not verify that the pod is “properly configured” (which would require the 1024 port on liveness probe), rather it just (seemingly) checks that the manifest matches the Description.

So you should be able to complete it, I did, although it did take me a total of 3 tries (one of the tries was a stupid mistake of mine). That being said, you loose points every time you have a review. Eg the first try, if you get it right, you will get 1.5x full points (like 1500 points). Second time, you will get only 1000 points. Third time, 1.5x 1/3 of full points (total 750). That’s quite a hit. If instead you take note of your solution (copy your manifest into a file.yaml), you will get another chance in a couple months with full points.

@gustavos86, sorry for the issue, this is marked success for you.

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@rahul456 I attempted the task today and I failed in the livenessProbe. I see the configuration is correct. Can you please have a look?

my account email is

Hi, I just looked into your review. I can see as per the question livenessProbe httpGet path should be /healthz its port should be **1024** but in the above screenshot i can see it is 1042. which is not matching as per the question.

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@sathish2032 Thank you yes my bad :slight_smile: