Deploy Haproxy App on Kubernetes - Pull image error

My task failed due to the following error:

@rahul456 @mmumshad @player001

It’s a new policy from docker,are%20not%20excessive%20or%20abusive.

Hello, @wfranca
I agreed with that Docker has introduced a new policy and KKE labs also got affected from that but i am not getting one thing is what is the reason behind submitting the task even you knew that your pods are not in the running condition and pods has an error. Instead of submitting the task, you’ve to post here. Most of the community members are active here to help you.

Hello, @player001

I didn’t verify the pods before I submmited the task. I have a lab cluster that I test everything before applying to kke. Since it worked in my lab I assumed it was fine in the kke.

I created the post to inform others of this situation


Hi @rahul456 @Inderpreet,

I am getting a validation message saying “ClusterRole for haproxy app is not named as ‘haproxy-cluster-role-datacenter’”. I have created a clusterrole with this name as shown below, Why is that?

Cluster role config file



@Salim, can you please share your yml template in text file ?

Hi @rahul456, please find it below. How can I attach the file?

you need to create clusterrole. . I could see you have create

kind: Role