Deploy Guest Book App on Kubernetes

Hi, I’m trying to do this task.

2 issues I’ve faced, first one - to get kubectl to do autocompletion, I had to install bash-completion. Is it just me or everyone else?

the other issue I’m facing is when I try to create a file, I get permission denied. Can you help?

hi @martvee97, can you please share screenshot ?

As you can see, even just creating a file, I get a permission denied. Not sure what I’m missing. Any help with be appreciated thanks

@martvee97, please try to run command under user thor's home directory.


As  @rahul456  said: 

You have to change directory (in fact you were on / , then , just  type:  cd or  cd /home/thor
to be able to create new  files ...

To get kubectl to do autocompletion

Only two command to type:
sudo yum install bash-completion
source <(kubectl completion bash) 

Good Luck!

Hello, @martvee97
In simple words, normal user can’t create a file in the slash(/) directory for security reasons.
Please follow the steps provided by the @samer.

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