Deploy Apache Web Server on Kubernetes Cluster


I got failed task with following message <image used is not ‘httpd’>. I used image httpd:latest.

Is this really incorrect ? It is the same a outcome, no ?



Some users, myself included, are failing Kubernetes tasks when a tag is specified on image.

@Inderpreet @KodeKloud @kodekloud-support3 ,

Any feedback ?


Hello, dwi256
At least provide them time. Don’t worry they will give you a proper response.

That’s the reason for failing the task. I passed the task without tagging the image.

I have tagged the image httpd:latest and passed. I guess the issue with failed task would be something else and the error message is sometimes misleading.

@dwi256 sorry for inconvenience, this is marked success for you. Also this issues is fixed now.