Demo – Multiple VMs & Networking (on Windows machine)

IP for host-only adapter was not showing and when I checked the interfaces, enp0s8 interface is showing as ‘disconnected’. What should be done to connect that interface to the VM?

Add the last interface to the interfaces (in this case enp0s8 )

vi /etc/network/interfaces

Type in [i] to edit (and move with arrow keys or before [i] hjkl (left, down, up, right))

auto enp0s8
iface enp0s8 inet dhcp

Save and close with [esc] :wq

Thank you for responding. Tried to do that but getting the below error.

I got it. I went into nmtui and added the enp0s8 as ethernet connection and now the IP of enp0s8 is showing.

Followed the steps here: How to Solve No IP Address for NAT Adapter Virtualbox in Linux CentOS VM - Just Another Sharing Site … (

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Great! Happy learning!