Cronjob task validation issue

I have performed the lab correctly but it says I have not.
This is the step I have followed:

  1. yum install cronie -y && service crond start (on each server)
  2. Then sudo su -
  3. crontab -e and added the given line
  4. service crond restart

Try this

Step-1: sudo su
Step-2: yum install cronie
Step-3: crontab -e // crontab file will open with this command , copy past the your cron schedule
Step-4: crontab -l
Step-5: systemctl enable crond.service
Step-6: systemctl start crond.service
Step-7: systemctl status crond.service

Hope this will help you.

The steps done by me should also work but the task is showing error. And I can’t try your steps as it shows failed.