Cronie is not installed on stapp01

i can confirm i installed Cronie, this is an error


Thanks for reporting this. You need to make sure you installed it on correct server which is asked in the question. You might have installed it on some other server so you got this error at the end.


You must log in use ssh tony@stapp01 with password Ir0nM@n.

See the documentation in


I have installed the cronie on stapp01 ( ).
Started the crond on stapp01.
Added the cron entry on same server.
Attached screenshot has all the required details, but it was reported cron is not available for root user.


Hi Anand,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Seems like you used TAB characters while defining the expression but the validation was expecting spaces instead. However since the cron you added is also valid so it should have been marked as completed. I am marking it as completed for you manually.


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Thank you Inderpreet.