Creating user in non interactive shell

Hi all I am new to kodeKloud and new to linus and devops field so I need all your help.
I got one task to create a user using noninteractive shell. I did as below and I was also not unable to switch to root user can you guys help me please.

command useradd javed ---- javed name given in question and I have to also create in app3 ie stapp03. How to do this.

Hello, @SumitaBehera
You can use sudo in the beginning of the command. e.g.

$ sudo systemctl status docker

switch into the root user

$ sudo -i

and your command is wrong, you’re just creating a normal user. Task is about non interactive shell user. Please search more about non interactive shell.

Thank u so much for your advice . I will try it again.

I know about sudo su - what is the meaning of sudo -i. I searched but I didnt got, can u please help.

@SumitaBehera, as per question you need to add user in non-interactive shell in App Server 3 instead of Jump Server.

Hello, @SumitaBehera
Why you’re searching for sudo -i just do sudo --help. I added some links in the below for more clarification.
Please refer to the below links:
man sudo

Thank u so much @player001