Creating Nodes Workers

Hello a question, I would like to know the fastest way to create a new Node Worker to my cluster.

In my case I understand that said new Node Worker I must update it to the version of the other Nodes Workers and once finished assign it to the cluster with: “kubeadm join”.

But in itself, how could I create the Node Worker, taking the characteristics of the other that already exists (cloning it) for example.

Thank you.

Hello @maktup,

There is no anything in Kubernetes that can help you to do that, It’s related to your hypervisor that your nodes running on. If you are using Vmware for example you can clone a VM (worker node) or in the cloud.

Hello thanks for answering, … but I understand that for example if I have handled the installation of the cluster with vagrant, it has a file with 2 variables where one specifies the number of Nodes: Maste & Workers that I would like to have (I understand that behind the It will create Virtual Machines for each Node, automatically).


vagrant status
vagrant up

It could not be possible if I want to create one more Worker Node in my running Cluster, go to that file, edit it and increase the NUM_WORKER_NODE, and give it a: vagrant up, so that it starts creating a new Node?

You comment to me,

Thank you.

Hello, @maktup
Have you try this? After creating 1 master and 2 worker node then changing in the configuration and set the worker node count to 3 then vagrant up.
I think it will give an error.