Creating Chained Builds in Jenkins---task failed

Hi Rahul, mumshad … I have done this task Creating Chained Builds in Jenkins.
but task failed. i have done it correctly. this is video link.
pls check it. This is a validation error.

@lavanya The task failed because in the job configuration of the app deployment you have filtered the source to *.html
In a normal scenario, it was expected to copy all the files from repo hence, you should not be filtering fo html file only.
Give the task a retry.

This is a validation error. Task is to deploy latest code changes automatically if we push the code to gitea. by using two job’s. I did the same way.

You can go through other blogs related to this task and you can see comments from KKE team against copying only the html file.

@mihsan Please submit your task for review, we will take a look.

@Inderpreet Actually this was for the task of @lavanya.

@lavanya Can you share your task for the KKE team to take a look?