Create user and group


I have created user and group in stapp01,stapp02.stapp03 server…but I can’t able to ssh from those servers to DB servers

And the question is to create group and user in all servers in Stratos Datacenter…but I didnt create user and group in servers except stapp01,stapp02.stapp03 …somehow when I submit task status is Success.

Please help with this.

The question is to create user and group in App servers, and app servers refers to stapp01,stapp02 and stapp03

Thank you for your help. I didn’t notice.

Thanks a lot for this info…

Here I simply ssh to that apppserver
like ssh tony@stapp01
then give pw

then simple put this two comman one by one
sudo groupadd nautilus_developers
sudo useradd -G nautilus_developers mohammed

that’s it