Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell

Hi to create user i need the password for using sudo option, where i was stuck with not knowing the password. Help me with the password.
You will get login credentials from here and It’s available in your kodekloud task dashboard row.

hi, have you co mpleted this ?

Anyone can reset this task to try again, my mistake was use the wrong server, but the user was created using
sudo adduser username
sudo usermod -s /sbin/nologin username

Task - Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell
I have created this user and I have seen success on the status. But the next day I was seeing the status as Expired. I have sent email on the next day to “” regarding this issue but I did not receive any response from your end. I did not take the status screenshot but I have taken the commands entered on the console while working on my task and attached the same. But later my friend informed me to send message in this forum. So please look into it and change the status if not please reassign the task to me.Capture1
Thanks in advance.

I failed this task, can a moderator here assign it back to me.


Hello, @ishuan89
You can share it in the “Review” Section. Still you have chance to complete.

Hello @player001

I am not seeing any button to submit that failed task for review. I failed that task on October 4th, 2020.


Refer below