Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell fails

Hi everyone,

I have just signed up for the Kodekloud Engineer program and I have just completed the task to Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell, but my answer has been marked as incorrect because I created a user with a different (ie., I just put my name) name than ‘Anita’.

The instructions on my dashboard said to simply create a Linux user with a non-interactive shell. I did not see a reference to the name 'Anita", but I did successfully created a new user with these commands:

sudo useradd juliettet

cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd

Then I received a failed message upon submitting, to which I then created yet another user with the name Anita, but I was unable to re-submit/re-check before the timeout.

Is is possible that I can get a correct mark on this task?

Thanks for this awesome course:-)

We are supposed to create the same username as requested in the task i.e. Anita in your example. This link should help you.

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Hi @swaroopcs88,

Thank you for responding to me and thank you for the link. It is possible that I did not see the entire task in the UI and simply read Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell from my dashboard before attempting to complete the task. It’s been a couple/few hours, but I believe that I did not even see/read the entire task properly. Will I get a chance to attempt it again?


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Hi Juliettet. Be welcome to KKE.
When you start a task the screen gets divided in two parts, the terminal and the task description on the right. Sometimes you need to wait a couple of minutes for the description to load. On the task description is given some steps to successfully finish a task.
You’ll be assigned a new task between 24h and 48h from the time you closed your task. It could be the today one or a new one.
The community is mantaining a post listing all the activities seen so far. There you can see the broad spectrum of tasks to do in KKE.

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Thank you @francilio! Perhaps I was a bit hasty ( :grinning:) and should have waited a bit longer for the lab environment to load. I’ll keep this in mind for the future.

I appreciate the link to the list of all of the tasks. This is going to be super helpful! I have quite the journey ahead of me.



True, very often questions comes few minutes after terminal window.

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The lesson learned here for me is to take the opposite approach that I’ve been taking with the CKAD lightening labs :rofl:


I have created a user named ravi with non interactive shell like below…
sudo useradd -s /sbin/nologin ravi

but it failed…so could you please help me with different solution…

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@uwithnishad can you share the task steps?

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Hi @francilio,

I haven’t had the opportunity to retry this task, but if and when I do get the chance, I plan on using @swaroopcs88’s advice via the link above. Cheers:-)

I was replying to uwithnishad. Sorry for bothering

…not a bother at all. I see that. Ignore my last comment (sorry). Good luck with the task:-)

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I was assigned a task to create a user named ravi with non-interactive shell in app02 server…so,I checked the hostname accordingly then went into that by taking the password given in Nautilus. then i did exactly what i mentioned before…

@uwithnishad, maybe is a bug with your task. @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3, can you spot a light on this issue?

I guess there is some issue…as every task I do it shows failed.
My next task was DNS troubleshooting…so i went into sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf…then I did

nameserver it failed again.....I might be wrong but i need a proper solution on this......Could you please help me regarding the same...