Create a Cron Job- task failed

Hi team,

I created a cronjob for all three app server for root user, but the system failed me. It only identified stapp01 and I used the same command for all three servers.

Install cronie package run the service named crond
sudo yum install cronie -y

Start and check the status of crond service
sudo systemctl start crond
sudo systemctl status crond

Add a cron job for the root user
sudo crontab -u root -e
*/5 * * * * echo hello >> /tmp/cron_text

Restart the service
sudo systemctl restart crond

Check if a cron job is created for the root user in cron directory
sudo ls /var/spool/cron

And after 5 minute, I checked the specified file (cron_text), whether the “hello” word is echoed on it
cat /tmp/cron_text



please check and validate the task from your end. my kodekloud id is gunjiramanje

Hi Team,

Any update for the above issue.

Hi Team,

Any update on above task.