Course Resources PDF

Hi Team

In working with SHELL-II module —> Download Course resources there is PDF file which is a document of entire training course .

I think this does not contains chapters IPtables and Cronjobs . These chapters are inside security and file permisisons.

I believe these are recently added modules .

  1. Can you please include these also in the course resourced PDF and confirm ?
    Also whenever you are adding any animation module can I request you to please verify respective course PDF is also updated with the recent changes ? It really helps for students like us.

  2. Also there is no index in this PDF . Is it possible to add a index page in the start ? This helps in navigation through this file

It is such a nice course and not able to see any limitations anywhere.

with best regards
Pradeep Nehe

Thanks for reporting , we will keep this in mind and will hint you once it’s available.

Hi Team,

The pdf is still not available. Can you kindly suggest by when it will be made available?

Samiran Mondal

Thanks for reporting… We will make it available soon…

This is still not available and waiting since long.

Hi Team,
PDF is still not available :frowning:

@skjonwal , sorry for that. Currently, we have notes for this course. You can find it here.