Couldn't able to access ports in cka lab


I have launched an container voting app and then in order to access this app on port 80, I have launched service definition yml file with type as cluster IP, both pod and service pods are up and running but I couldn’t able to access the voting app… Does CKA lab support to open the ports with service files.? here is my service yaml file, can someone look into it and let me know if I am doing wrong here.

Here is my Service yml file.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: voting-service
name: voting-service
app: demo-voting-app
type: ClusterIP
- port: 80
targetPort: 80
name: voting-app-pod
app: demo-voting-app

Hi @kamesh

Kindly mention the number of the lab you meant so that I can check it and help you properly.


The lab which I opened lasted only for 30 mins and got expired, is there any other way I can use sessions for long time.? if so can you please provide me the details here, so that I can replicate the same scenario again .?