Configure Nginx + PHP-FPM Using Unix Sock

title says nginx but task asks to configure httpd with php-fpm

Hi, thanks for pointing this out. Made the necessary corrections.

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Can you please also extend the expiry date of the task

if i pause (out of office) my profile the task already in my account will expire ?

The expiry date/days are preset for every task so can not be changed for a user. I will let you know about the second question.

Hi @hardiku87

If task is already assigned then it will expire after the due date if not completed. (even if you are OOO) but during that time you won’t be assigned any new task.

In this Task,

Is anyone using Apache with FastCGI ? or PHP-FPM. I am not sure if there is specific requirement or of there is a separate output for using php-fpm instead of php-fcgi

Configure Apache + PHP-FPM Using Unix Socket

Looking for assistance with the above task

Install php-fpm -done
Configure php-fpm to use unix socket - done
Configure Appache to make it work with php-fpm - Pending
Install mariadb-server and mariadb packages on database server - done
Create DB,user, Grant full permission - done
Import existing DB dump into newly created database - done
Configure Wordpress to use the database you configured -Pending

  1. Configure Appache to make it work with php-fpm - Pending
    edit /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf as below
    listen = /run/php-fpm/default.sock
    user = apache
    group = apache
    listen.allowed_clients =
    listen.owner = apache = apache
    listen.mode = 0660
    Do we need to use FPM as default for all virtual hosts ?

2.Configure Wordpress to use the database you configured -Pending
Modifying the DB name, user, password and DB server to stdb01
is there any additional step required?

Could someone share your inputs?

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Hi All,

Did someone had an opportunity to complete this task?