Complex Tasks (600 points) should be allowed multiple times

Hi KodeKloud Team,

I got the first complex task (600 points) “Install & configure NFS server” & I feel it is hard to get the perfect/correct solution in first try. I am getting the same feel for other complex task like “PAM Authentication” or “Linux Network Services” as there are multiple queries for such tasks. I understand there would be some participants who may be expert & would be able to do these complex tasks also in few minutes but majority of us are not expert (particularly in Linux Admin). Also the solution which we find on Internet varies from one site to other & we can’t be sure before submitting that what we prepared a solution is perfect one & task will pass.

To overcome this situation & provide boost to participants in try, fail fast & learn such task should be assigned with 3 attempts allowed. I think it will help participants in trying solution without fear of losing the opportunity if it fails.

I hope others agree to my proposal.



Hi Pradip,

Thank you for this valuable feedback. We will definitely consider it and will check what improvements we can make.


Thank you for your suggestions. We are working on some changes based on your feedbacks. Once they are made available, I will update you.

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Hi Team,

It is really needed as I see many are struggling in finding a perfect solutions. Till now I have revised at least 10 times solutions based on info received from different sources on Internet. Please consider to allow multiple attempts for such complex tasks.