Completed task reappearing as a new task after new update

After the new update, I am getting the task again from the first.

Hi @er.atirek

Could you please describe more what exactly is happening ? Getting the same task again after a while is fine, it can happen.

It is not like getting the same task again randomly, I am getting old tasks my last 2 tasks were “Linux TimeZones Setting” and “Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell” which were starting tasks of the System Administrator, looks like my tasks are started from the first task.

Check the screenshot

Also, when I am re-trying “Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell” tasks it says “Scenario not found. Please check your embedding code configuration.”

Hi @er.atirek

It can still be a case to get those starting tasks again, But you have been assigned a different task now, please try that.