Cleared the CKA exam last week with 92%, Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth and team for . . .

Cleared the CKA exam last week with 92%, Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth and team for an awesome training course and labs.

Few folks reached out to me for exam tips. So , these are the some tips for CKA exam. I failed the first time by 3%, so I learnt few things from my first attempt and implemented them successfully in my second attempt(92%). Below are the few tips etc:

• In my first attempt, console was very slow. I had to wait literally 1-2 secs after typing anything. It was a very frustrating experience. Some blog suggested to use less resolution screen for this exam. I used 2 high resolution monitors for the first attempt, in second attempt I used my laptop only. My experience was much better during second attempt.
• Remember to enable autocomplete for kubectl commands: . Its not enabled by default in exam.
• This exam is all about speed so learn as many imperative commands as possible.
• I did all labs in “<|Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests>” at-least twice. This helped me to solidify my concepts. You may or may not need this to do this, it all depends on your prior K8s experience.
• I also tried these labs:
• In case you need to write YAML files or some long commands then you can use exam’s nodepad. Its little better than using vi in shell.
• Bookmarks are allowed so bookmark as many K8s resources as possible, it will help to improve speed during exam.
• This exam has mix of easy and hard questions, so make sure to read all questions.
• Exam UI demo: <|Keynote: Are Certifications Worth It? - Cheryl Hung, Vice President - Ecosystem, CNCF>

Mohamed Ayman:
congrats @Charan and thaks for sharing ur tips