Clarification on assignment - Linux String Substitute (sed)

I confused about what needs to be placed in the files:

  • /home/BSD_DELETE.txt
  • /home/BSD_REPLACE.txt

There is some data on Nautilus App Server 3 in Stratos DC . Data needs to be altered in several of the files. On Nautilus App Server 3 , alter the /home/BSD.txt file as per details given below:

a. Delete all lines containing word software and save results in /home/BSD_DELETE.txt file. (Please be aware of case sensitivity)

Does this mean that we need to save the lines that were deleted in /home/BSD_DELETE.tst? Delete them from BSD.txt and move them to BSD_DELETE.txt? Copy the entire file and then modify it?

b. Replace all occurrence of word the to their and save results in /home/BSD_REPLACE.txt file.

Save the whole file with the new changes? Save the lines only?

Note: Let’s say you are asked to replace word to with from . In that case, make sure not to alter any words containing this string; for example up to , contribu to r etc.

Hi @Drayton-Kittel

  • Delete all lines containing Software on BSD.txt then save the whole file to BSD_DELETE.txt
  • Replace all occurrences and save the whole file on BSD_REPLACE