CKS Kubernetes Security Certificates Lab

I am checking the mTLS implementation for encryption of traffic between Pods, and in CKS series i saw ISTIO LAB as well.
But when checked today its removes please let me know why its removed.
Also do we scope to implement Linkerd.
If we dont get hands on such important concept theory is of no help.

Please enable labs for Istio again.

Thanks for reporting!
We will be working on it soon

actually earlier it’s part of the course but now I observed it’s removed from the list.
There is a lab around istio.
This revocation happened without any info,
Pls add it again as part of series.
Any specific reason why it’s removed?? And what other places lectures and labs are removed in CKS and why is it happening?

any update around the istio service mesh in azure k8s Security lecture in playlist??

Thanks for your suggestion! We will take it into consideration

It’s not a suggestion it was there earlier in course and now it’s removed.